Books At A Glance

OtherWorldly Romances:

Moon Shifter-Irish Werewolf Clan

Autumn Moon-Chinese Vampires(chiang-shi)

Destiny's Prerogative-Werejaguar (nagual spirit guides)

Mistletoe, Stakes and Yuletide Cheer (vampires and hunters)

Love's Eternal Embrace- Vampire Tale 13th Century

Magic of the Loch-Paranormal/mystery

Twilight's Eternal Embrace- a historical vampire tale. Ever wonder how the legends began...

Soul Taker- Urban Fantasy with Vampires, Werewolf, and a Necromancer

The Gryphon and His Thief- Paranormal Mystery/Romance

Stake and Dust (Book I)- Paranormal/ hunter/ romance /series

Flowers and Fangs (Book II)- Paranormal/hunter/romance/ series
Moon ShifterAutumnMoonFinalthumbnail





MistletoeStakes and Yuletide Cheer_small














StakeandDust_Final4 medium

Flowers and Fangs_KMN_medium






Short Stories/Anthologies:

Black Donald's Coin-a traditional Good vs. Evil;

A haunting to chill the bones in Shattered Illusions featured in the 2012 Paranormal Collection, and a single short story eBook.

A haunting ghost story- The Spirit of Love.

A Halloween Collection-Anthology-Stimulating: Set the mood for Halloween with four haunting tales. You never know where romance lurks.

A Christmas Collection Anthology-Stimulating: A roaring fire and your favorite beverage, what better way to spend your holiday with four romantic tales. My featured novella is "Wanted".

A Historical Collection: The Devil's Wolf is my tale of a Scottish Reiver.

My tale Storm Riders is featured in A Western Saga;

2o12 Christmas Collection: My tale is Mistletoe, Stakes and Yuletide Cheer- What's a hunter to do when she's fallen for the vampire she's suppose to stake?

Fated to Be Yours-4 Valentine tales (Fangs and Flowers is my tale)

Twist of Time-(Echo of Time)

Warriors- features 3 tales, The Devil's Wolf, Love's Eternal Embrace, Heart of a Warrior

Abraham's UN-DEAD- Featured in the Myths, Legends, and Midnight Kisses, 2015 Collection

Heart of the Sea- Featured in Be My Everything, 2016 Valentine Collection

BlackDonal'sCoindarkThumbnailVTP_FallParanormal_2012_FinalThumbnailThe Spirit of Love_Thumbnail



VTP_Christmas_sweet-sensual_2012 ThumbnailFated to be YoursTwist of Time_ mediumWarriors_mediumMyths, Legends and Midnight Kiss_Final_mediumBe My Everything_2016_Final_thumbnail**************************************************************************************

Time Travel Romance:

1870 Natchez in Creighton Manor

1814 N.Carolina/New Orleans in A Twist of Fate

1970 Hollywood in At the Stroke of Midnight

16th Century Ireland in Lost in the Mist of Time

Travel the Isle of Skye in the fantasy short story, Heart of a Warrior

Modern time travel set in 1997- Two Worlds Collided

CreightonManor_2013_Ebook_sm At the Stroke of Midnight_MediumElegant Floral Frame Background

Heart of the WarriorDramatic_smalltwo-worlds-collided_final-thumbnail

Watchers For the Light Series (Fallen Angels)
First Book is Eli

Book 2 is Lucca






Storm Riders- Steampunk western (time travel) 

Wanted (light paranormal) 1880s- outlaw and the lawman

Rodeo Blues (contemporary romance).






Unbelievable Finds Series: Mr. O'Grady's Magic Box (inspired by 10k short in Object of Romance anthology)

The Curse of Tempest Gate (Angels, demons, ghosts and witches) (Also available in A Halloween Anthology)






Book Outlets

Amazon (Print and eBook) / Amazon UK (Print and eBook) / Barnes and Noble (Print and eBook) / Smashwords (eBook only) / OmniLit (eBook only)  / aRE (eBook only) / Createspace (print only) Book Depository (print only international) / The Wild Rose Press (selected books only)

Stake and Dust
Be My Everything (2016) (with Cecilia Corona, Lindsay Downs, Barbara Miller, Denise Stout and Rebecca J Vickery)
The Object of Romance Anthology (2007) (with Christine DeSmet)
Festivals Volume One (2009) (with Kayleigh Jamison, Theresa Laws, M L McBryar, Audra Price, Stella Price, Anne Rainey, A D Roland and Adra Steia)
Second Time Around (2009) (with Gerri Bowen, Cynthia Breeding, Erin E M Hatton, Kirsten Scott and Kimberly Ivey Wuttke)
A Halloween Collection (2010)
A Christmas Collection Anthology: Stimulating (2010) (with Stephanie Burkhart, Gerald Costlow and Rita Hestand)
A Historical Collection (2011)
A Western Saga (2011) (with Celia Yeary)
Fall Paranormal Collection (2012) (with Sarah J McNeal)
2012 Christmas Collection (2012)
Twist of Time (2014) (with Jean Adams, Cheryl Alldredge, Erin EM Hatton, Cheryl Norman and Susan R Sweet)
Fated to be Yours (2015) (with Gerald Costlow, Nan O'Berry and Linda Swift)
Myths, Legends, and Midnight Kisses (2015) (with V T P Anthologies, Gerald Costlow, Sarah J McNeal, Barbara Miller and Rebecca J Vickery)







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