About the Series

"Nephilim" comes from a Hebrew word נְפִילִים (nephilim) meaning "fallen ones."

Warriors For the Light Series. All stories will be released in e-book formats and Print.  The first story is Eli and was released July 2010. Lucca's story is scheduled for release early 2011.

There is a legend passed on from generation to generation among the Fallen. If one of the brethrens finds their true soul mate, they’ll not suffer damnation, but shall find eternal happiness. They are known as the Warriors For the Light.

The humans have a legend, too. A brush of an angel’s wing is a blessing, a binding of their love. Her life will be his and his will be hers, forevermore.

"To Thine Own Self, Be True." ~Shakespeare

Book Covers: (Eli is released) The other books are works in progress. I just couldn't wait to show off the covers.


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