The Fallen Angel Potion Bottles and Necklaces are adorned with brass,black, and white beads and feature a Fallen Angel Charm. The larger Potion Bottles now arrive with a Free Refill bottle of the Fallen Angel Perfume!

You'll experience a bit of heaven yourself when you indulge in this very beautiful perfume that is a blend of Rich Creme,  Warm and Fragrant Honey, with an added hint of Spiced Cherry.

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The Power of a Scent?

Have you ever wondered why certain scents conjure up memories? Fragrances for good or bad can change your life forever, stirring up powerful feelings.Pheromones are a natural chemical scents the body produces. In the animal kingdom, it controls all social behavior, including choosing a mate. Believe it or not, humans are influenced by these scents and are drawn to them, too.

A scent can also connect you to the place, person or event. The scent triggers the memory in a form of a conditioned response. This is why the smell of the ocean may remind you of your romantic evening with a special someone or why fresh baked cookies remind you of your grandmother. Scents can also trigger the subconscious and influence your mood. Perhaps the scent of freshly brewed coffee brings a smile to your face. I know a good cup of coffee in the morning sure makes me happy.

Each unique scent makes up the fabric of our lives and connects us to the special moments, holidays and events. Just like the shape shifters we like to read about with their keen sense of smell, scents are special to us, too.In the past, I’ve given away pens, bookmarkers and other promotional items for my books. For my Fallen Angels series, I wanted try something unique. I worked closely with Jfay from Studio 3B, the creator of artistic candles and wicked perfumes. Her amazing talent to conjure up tantalizing scents didn’t fail her and she now offers a new Fallen Angel perfume, specially designed for my Fallen Angels series. How cool is that?

Close your eyes and imagine sweet earthy scent with honey sweetness and a dash of dark spice—dangerous and tantalizing as a brush of an angel’s wing.

Eli: Warriors for the Light is now available in both print and e-book formats.

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