Black Donald’s Coin (Short Story)

(Horror, Mystery, Paranormal)

Publisher: (Previously Published by Tease Publishing LLC 2008)
Word Count: 5,100 Price: $0.99
Heat Index: one flame (sweet)
Cover Artist: K.Nutt

E-book at: Not available. Look for it soon! 2012

“Be careful of what you wish for.”

When George Fraser walks into the office, Dr. Eddie Kantor never thought his soul would be put on the line.  George possesses a coin with words embedded within the metal.

Words are powerful, like an incantation used for good or for evil.  Could the coin be an instrument to put forth a spell? Eddie is about to find out that some wishes come with a hefty price.


George licked his lips and eyed him for a moment before he counted the steps to the front of the desk. He pulled out the chair and plopped himself down.

"Mr. Fraser, do you have an appointment scheduled?"

He didn't answer, but picked up the picture frame on the desk. He stared at it for a long moment. "Is this you and your wife?" he asked.

"Yes," Eddie answered.

"You're at a luau in Hawaii. I've been to a luau," George mumbled more to himself.

"It was our fifteenth anniversary," Eddie offered, hoping to draw the man into a conversation so he could determine what he should do with him. "I surprised my wife with the trip."

George studied the picture again, looking back at Eddie as if comparing the likeness. He must have concluded, the blond-haired gentleman with the blue eyes staring back at him from the photo, resembled him enough.

He put the frame down. "I was sent to you."

Eddie looked at his schedule. "I don’t seem to have you-"

George put his hand over the paper. "I have to be here. I have to be here now."

Eddie paused and gauged the situation carefully. George's actions alone proved he was a man frantic to hold onto any sliver of hope he could. How could he turn the troubled man away, when he knew he had the time to see him? "Very well, Mr. Fraser." Eddie sat down and folded his hands on top of his desk. "May I ask who sent you?"

At the question, George pulled at his collar and droplets of perspiration beaded on his forehead. "Black … Donald Black," he bit out nervously as he glanced behind him. Eddie had the distinct feeling George feared this man would materialize out of thin air.

"I don't believe I know a Mr. Black."

George swung around and stared at him with disbelief. "He's an evil old man." He grabbed for Eddie’s hand and held on tight, willing him to see the truth. "Black seems harmless dressed in a fine black suit, but he tricks you, and in doing so he wins your soul."

Eddie felt a dark premonition work its way up his spine and he struggled to pull his hand away as if George's contact was the conduit for the anxiety. He needed to remain in control or he would be pulled into this man’s hysteria. "Calm down, Mr. Fraser. I won"t be able to help you if you lose your temper."

With a jolt, George suddenly ended the tug-o-war with Eddie's hand, causing the psychiatrist to slam back against his leather chair. Eddie cleared his throat and took a ragged breath as he eyed George. He nervously wiped his mouth with the back of his hand.

Eddie straightened his tie. "Better," he said only to convince himself that things were under control. "Now why don't you start from the beginning and tell me why you’re here."

Professional Reviews

PNR Reviews

"Be Careful What You Wish For, You Just Might Get It."

Black Donald's Coin is a work of paranormal horror written by Karen Michelle Nutt. This is my first time reading one of her works and I must say I found it very enjoyable! Ms. Nutt grabs your attention from the beginning and doesn't let up till the end. I have to say I was not expecting the ending, which was very satisfying. A very well written and enjoyable read!!

Reviewed by Missy Brown


Rating: 4 Cups

This is a really quick read that you are sure to enjoy. The author packs a lot of story into a few pages and I really enjoyed it. The characters are very interesting and the story is a wonderfully written tale of the struggle of good versus evil. You will have to read it to find out who wins.


Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

~Ramsey's Reviews~

Trinagon BlogSpot Rating: 5

“See a penny, pick it up. All day long, you’ll have wicked luck”.

For a short story, Black Donald’s Coin will sedate the cravings of any reader who desires a touch of mystery, suspense and supernatural. Karen Michelle Nutt has delivered a bewitching, irresistible and extremely enjoyable tale that adds a sinister twist to the old saying, “See a penny, pick it up, all day long, you’ll have good luck” I would recommend this e-book short to any reader interested in the Thriller and Suspense genres.

Reviewer, Amy Ramsey

~Ghost Writers Literary Reviews~


A man wanders into a doctor’s office, acting most peculiar, and has one whale of a tale to tell. The man explains that This is quite a delightful little angel-devil story, so short that I dare not give too many details, as that would blow the story (and the fun) of it. It is a 5 out of a five kind of story. Very clever and cute.

Reviewer: Penni

Genre: Horror, paranormal


Karen M. Nutt has written a short story of good and evil. When one is never satisfied with what they have, greed will surely make its way to their heart. One coin can grant you whatever wish you want. Ah, but there’s always a catch. What you wish is not necessarily the best for you. Be careful what you wish for because if you think you can escape the temptation of Black Donald’s coin, think again. This story is not much different from other “good vs. evil” moral stories. I was expecting a more unique twist from Ms. Nutt with this particular title.


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