The Gryphon & His Thief

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Some Treasures are Priceless…

A long time ago, a Gryphon shifter’s duty was to guard and protect the people of the tribes, but Darrien Andros failed to keep his human wife safe from harm. Cursed for the crime, he must guard everything in the Museum of Cursed Antiquities forever, never to truly live and never to die. Centuries have passed, but when he encounters a thief, who uncannily resembles his dead wife, he is convinced he has a second chance.

Calli Angelis is hired to steal Hecate's Stone from the Museum, believing she would be returning it to its rightful owner. She never really trusted the person who hired her and now Darrien makes her doubt her motives, too. He also has her questioning the possibility of reincarnation when the attraction between them ignites into something she can no longer ignore.

As the two work together to unravel the mysteries behind the stone, it becomes apparent an old and dangerous enemy from Darrien’s past is determined to have history repeat itself.


Once she had the keycard in her hand, he made his move, materializing beside her as she disengaged the lock to her door. She gasped and stepped back as if to flee, but he proved quicker and his hand snaked out, grabbing her wrist. He'd not make the same mistake twice and have her slip out of his grip, leaving him with only a glove for his trouble. The skin-to-skin contact sparked a current of electricity, a jolt worthy of Zeus' warning bolts, and by the heavens those stung.

They flew apart from the zap of energy and he slammed into the vending machine, sparking it to life and sending candy bars and chips dropping into the bin for easy access. The thief bounced against her vehicle, fell to the ground, and hit her head against the bumper on the way down, knocking her unconscious.

He soared to his feet and strode toward her, fearing she'd spring to life and bolt again, but she lay unmoving with only the rise and fall of her chest to tell him she still lived.

"Unfortunate for you, my dear sweet thief," he murmured. Her unconscious state made slicing her neck and taking back what belonged to the museum that much easier. He crouched down next to her and released his talons from his fingertips with a slight shift.

"Ah…soooo…nice," the thief murmured, her voice like a sweet melody to his ears.

He frowned and stared at her, his clawed hand ready to slash, but he didn't act. Instead, he found himself mesmerized as her tongue slipped out to moisten those pink lips of hers. He thought she would awaken, but then she shifted her bottom and settled as she curled on her side.

He retracted his claws. Curiosity got the better of him and he had to behold the thief's true features. He reached for the ski mask and yanked it off her head. Waves of ginger strands tumbled out like autumn arriving by storm and summer being left behind by the raging winds.

He blinked in surprise and his blood pounded in his temples as he absorbed her every feature, features he knew as well as his own. "Callista?" he breathed the name, though it took all the air from him as if she sucker punched him.

The thief…this woman couldn't be his lady wife. She died centuries ago because he had not protected her. His failure had been the reason he'd been cursed, and yet he knew the woman at his feet was indeed his beloved. The shape of her eyes, the upturn of her nose and the lips… those kissable lips… How had he not seen it, even with the ridiculous disguise she'd worn?

Her groans alerted his attention to the situation at hand. She'd been hurt, and though she was strong, she'd hit her head and such an injury could prove fatal.

He scooped her into his arms with care and headed for her room before they drew unwanted attention. Once inside, he closed the door behind him with a kick of his boot and strode over to the bed, placing her gently on top of the covers. His hand brushed a wayward strand from her face and she stirred, leaning toward his caress as if she sought his touch. No fiery spark, but he could still feel the energy pulsing between them as her cheek touched his palm.

His plans to eliminate her had taken a sharp turn. "Ah Callista, what am I to do now?" His guardsman's duties bade him to protect the cursed treasures at all cost. "…all costs," he murmured then shook his head. He could not harm Callista. Not when he'd been waiting all these centuries for her soul to be reborn to this world. No, he must convince her to return the stone on her own accord. It would be the only way to appease the beastie that raged inside of him.

His gaze slid over her features, so calm and relaxed in slumber, but he knew once she awakened, he would be faced with the warrior. Convincing her to do the right thing would prove to be his greatest challenge yet.


4 Stars InD'tale Reviews

NEW ADULT:  Being cursed sucks. Darrien Andros didn’t realize how badly until Calli stole into his life—quite literally. Now, he’s questioning his existence, the curse that binds him, and how he can convince Calli to believe she’s his forever love.

Calli is just there for a job. She didn’t sign up for creepy Gryphons, curses or hot Grecian guardians—though, the hot guardian stuff really wasn’t so bad. But that is all beside the point. She has a job to do and a client waiting for her to produce the stone. She has never backed down from a job before. She always does her homework. So why is she suddenly listening to this . . . Gryphon, hottie, shifter guy?

Gryphons! These mythical creatures are a fun shift from the usual fantasy characters of late, and Ms. Nutt does a great job in the Gryphons-can-be-sexy department. Her story is a unique mix fraught with action, danger, and a zing of clean steam. Some story elements seemed a bit unnecessary, and the main female character’s “voice” sounded more teen than adult, but it didn’t take away much from a fun fast-paced action-packed ride. “The Gryphon and His Thief” is a fantastical fantasy stacked with Indiana Jones-esque adventure and intrigue, sprinkled with yummy heated kisses and a hunky main male character. Hello, his name is Darrien. Sexy.

Sofia St. Angeles, Reviewer



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