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So close… Rodeo Blues @KMNbooks @RebeccaJVickery #8sunday #snippetsunday

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Shop to Win @allromance @KMNbooks #winbooks

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It’s now or never… Rodeo Blues @KMNbooks @RebeccaJVickery #8sunday #snippetsunday

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Tye’s Lucky Night … Rodeo Blues @KMNbooks @RebeccaJVickery #8sunday #snippetsunday

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Let Us Publish Your Story @RebeccaJVickery @KMNbooks

 VICTORY TALES PRESS is looking for Romantic tales for our
Myth, Legends and Midnight Kisses, 2015 Halloween Collection!
The approach of autumn and the Halloween Season has a varied appeal. Some would rather celebrate All Saints Day and forget the scary stuff, or some love the chilling tales of legends. This autumn VTP's anthology will spotlight romances with a theme of legends and myths. It can be a made up legend or myth, or perhaps an old one with your own special twist. It's up to you.
The short stories can be any genre as long as there is a romance and a mention of a legend or myth. (The romance doesn't have to be the main focus.) The stories may have a western, fantasy, history, time travel or even adventure theme. They can be eerie tales and capers, too.
Vampires, witches and werewolves have a variety of legends you can draw from, and you can add your own special mythology to it. What if there was an outlaw from the 1800s, who buried his treasure and someone from now found it? Perhaps it was cursed... How about a civil war legend like the angel's glow legend... Where the soldiers' wounds actually glowed and those who did, had a better chance of surviving. What if there was an actual angel...vampire...fairy...or perhaps a special woman or man who had the power of healing...  Maybe your legend is an item that has the power of finding a soul mate...

It can be anything. Let your imagination guide you.
What are we looking for? Any LEGEND or Myth themed story with a sweet to sensual, m/f romance (please no erotic or erotica) with a word count between 10,000-20,000.
When do we need the stories? Now until Sept. 15th. The sooner you can email your submission the better. We will do some light editing only, but we will need time to read through all submissions. 
Please send submissions to kmnbooks @ yahoo . com (no spaces).
I can't wait to read your tales! Any questions, please don't hesitate to email me.

Happy Writing!
Karen Michelle Nutt
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Apologize and see what happens… Rodeo Blues @KMNbooks @RebeccaJVickery #8sunday #snippetsunday

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An unexpected reunion…Rodeo Blues @KMNbooks @RebeccaJVickery #8sunday #snippetsunday

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Some things never change… Rodeo Blues @KMNbooks @RebeccaJVickery #8sunday #snippetsunday

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Rodeo Videos

IMG_0987_cropped Bull Riding_kmnbooksWe enjoyed a day in the sun at a Rodeo held in San Juan Capistrano at the Rancho Mission Riding Park. So much fun. In my tale Rodeo Blues, Tye Casper aka The Ghost Rider is a top notch bull rider. 8 seconds can seem like an eternity as the bull tries to unseat the rider. Take a gander at the video RodeoBlues_thumbnailbelow and see what I mean. Amazing what these riders endure for the win.

Rodeo video links of the highlights. Just click on the link. May take a moment to load depending on your computer. :)

Bull Riding:  IMG_0965

Bareback Riding: IMG_0915

Saddle Broc Riding: IMG_0946

Steer Wrestling: IMG_0933

Copyright © 2015 by Karen Michelle Nutt

Licensing Notes
All rights reserved under U.S. and International copyright law. This photo/video is licensed may not be copied, scanned, digitally reproduced, or printed for re-sale, may not be uploaded on shareware or free sites, or used in any other manner without the express written permission of the photographer and/or publisher. Thank you

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Still standing…for now. Rodeo Blues @KMNbooks @RebeccaJVickery #8sunday #snippetsunday

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