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This story is a WIP. The story is in the very early stages and has not been edited.


Tears stung her eyes at hearing her father's voice, seeing him and witnessing how he treated her with such loving care. Realizing how this trip down memory lane had affected her, she angrily flipped the switch on the projector to the off position, ending the tender moment and drenching the room in silence.

For a moment she just stood there as if the projector would again turn itself and resume where the film had left off. It didn't and she felt pretty stupid thinking it would. She once again concentrated on the job of rewinding the tape and once finished, she removed the reel and packed it in its container before stacking it on top of the other cases. She picked them up then put them back down again as she realized she didn't know where her mother stored the reels. It wasn't as if she allowed her to see them. These could have been memories for her too, but instead, her mother hoarded the memory of Lars Gunner as if she feared sharing him with anyone would make her face the fact he was never coming home.

She looked around the room, taking it in all at once. Books were lined on a shelf next to an old TV with an antenna and she doubted the thing even worked, but it couldn't be thrown out; it was her father's after all and everything in this room had been his.


Her mother should have shared the memories with her, don't you think?

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Unofficial Blurb for End of the Road

Lars Gunner, the frontman for Silent Plaids, died 23 years ago and is trapped in limbo until his daughter, Cecilia, unearths his journal and is able to see him. His death was ruled an unfortunate accident, but he's convinced it had to be murder despite the fact he can't recall what happened in his last moments of life. Cecilia seeks the help from Kaleb, a psychic, but as they resurrect the past, the secrets and lies surrounding Lar's rock and roll life just may be the death of them too.

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32 thoughts on “Time stood still…End of the Road @KMNbooks #8sunday #snippetsunday”

  1. Touching scene, a bit heartbreaking. Her mother definitely should have shared those memories with her, and she has a huge heart not to hold such resent against her mother for everything that seems to of happened since her father’s passing.

  2. Nice poignant touch, that her mother hoards the memories. That was a very affecting detail…terrific excerpt, especially her half expecting the projector to turn itself on again. (I was too!)

  3. Poignant scene. Hard to meet her father via ancient video and realize she’s been deprived of knowing at least this much of him by the only parent she had left. Hmmm. Wonder why. I’m hooked.

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