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Cecilia cleaned up the study her bereaved mother left in shambles. Her mother had been watching old films of her rock-star father who died 23 years ago. She stacked the films away in canisters, intent on putting them away in the walk-in closet but something else caught her eye. Now for the snippet.

This story is a WIP. The story is in the very early stages and has not been edited.


Five guitars were situated on the floor of the closet, upright and leaning against the wall for support. On impulse, she reached for the candy-apple-red electric guitar with a skull painted on the base.

She could play the piano, but she never mastered the guitar, which now she regretted since Billy Pitts – who played the electric guitar for the Silent Plaids and was one of the best of the best – had offered to teach her, but she rebelled against the idea since it was her father's instrument of choice. It was a stupid rebellion against him for dying and leaving her as if he had a choice, but she had a stubborn streak and it plagued her more times than not; just another trait she inherited from her father or so her mother told her on many occasions.

Her fingers lightly caressed the skull painted white and black before she returned the instrument to it resting place, but it tilted and before she could right it once more, it fell against the guitar standing next to it, then the next went and the next as if the instruments were imitating the domino effect for her benefit. She cringed and hoped she hadn't caused any damage for her carelessness. She sat down on her knees to pick up the instruments and place them back in order. As she reached to place the last one down, her gaze caught sight of the floorboard in the corner sitting askew. It must have been why the guitar had fallen to the side when she'd put it down.

She reached for board and picked it up, intending set it straight, but her gaze landed on something hidden beneath the plank.


Hmm...I wonder what she found.

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The Strange Escapes weekend aboard the Queen Mary was a blast. Great speakers and it was so interesting to explore the old ship. I have lots of photos to share.Β Β 

Unofficial Blurb for End of the Road

Lars Gunner, the frontman for Silent Plaids, died 23 years ago and is trapped in limbo until his daughter, Cecilia, unearths his journal and is able to see him. His death was ruled an unfortunate accident, but he's convinced it had to be murder despite the fact he can't recall what happened in his last moments of life. Cecilia seeks the help from Kaleb, a psychic, but as they resurrect the past, the secrets and lies surrounding Lar's rock and roll life just may be the death of them too.

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34 thoughts on “Something new, something old, something hidden…End of the Road @KMNbooks #8sunday #snippetsunday”

  1. Love the description and her regrets about not learning the guitar as punishment to her dad for dying. Nice cliffhanger.

  2. Oh …. nice … now i want to know what she’s found. nice cliffhanger.
    Loved the second para re her rebellion. So true to life I’d say for many.

  3. And the mystery unfolds. I really like the story so far. I feel her ambivalence that frequently changes to hostility as if the guitars bring out old pain.

  4. I can understand her avoiding the instrument her father played. Although I had a great relationship with my dad, I didn’t play basketball because he’d been good enough at it to play semi-pro ball. I knew I couldn’t compete. Also, there’s a word left out here: “leaning against wall”.

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