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Mystery Writer's Links:

In Reference to Murder,

Lee Lofland, veteran police investigator,

Mystery Writers of America,

The Writers Forensic Blog by D.P. Lyle, MD,

Sisters in Crime,


Time Travel Sites:

Interesting links from Time2Time site- Check out Paul's interesting site where he interviews and reviews time travel books too.

Time travel blogs and websites

  • The Time Travel Nexus
  • Theory of Space Time.
  • Just Killing Time -deals mostly with his passion for all things related to time travel.
  • Andy’s Anachronisms -reviews of books, movies and other media involving time travel.
  • Time travel for beginners series of articles written by John Gribbin.
  • Time travel philosophy  articles covering time travel and philosophy. Facebook page here.
  • The Quantum Time Travel Institute (Time travel through intention).
  • T=Time graphics, video clips, articles and more…all related to time travel. (discontinued)
  • Time travel pages

  • Paradoxes in time travel
  • Eternalism is the idea that past, present and future co-exist and happen at the same time.
  • Lifevine’s blog has a wonderful page linking Christianity with time travel.
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