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LinkedIn For Authors @KMNbooks @LinkedIn @WildRosePress @rebeccajvickery

bigstock-Social-networking-concept-27053648Just a few reasons why Linkedin is a great tool for authors...


Google Points: LinkedIn gives you “Google points” for the sites you link to from LinkedIn. It also ranks very high on Google.


Feature Your Book: In the “Publications” section, you can list details about books--synopsis of each book and a link your book’s page on Amazon,  another online retailer, or even your website.


Import Your Contacts: LinkedIn makes it easy to connect with the people you know by allowing you to import your contacts into the system without worrying about spam. You'll see your contacts and those who already have an account on LinkedIn. You can send those people a LinkedIn connection request.


Groups on LinkedIn: You can find all kinds of business-related topics here, and can join as many groups as you like. Get involved. Top contributors in a group receive extra exposure. You can also subscribe to daily or weekly email digests from the groups.


Start a Group: If you have the time, (lol--I know, who has time?)-- you can start your own group on LinkedIn, which is free and it will provide excellent visibility.


Get Recommendations:  You can send out recommendations for your books, for you as an author, blogger posts, etc... Recommendations are displayed on your profile and add credibility to what you do. Reach out to your contacts and ask for recommendations. Remember in return, you should give some recommendations, too.



Use Endorsements: This allows people to easily click a button and “endorse” your skills and expertise. You can add the skills you want to be known for when editing your profile. Link

edIn will automatically ask your connections to endorse you. In return, you can endorse those in your network. LinkedIn makes it easy to do. Edorsements will give you credibility, too.


Share Content: The news feed on LinkedIn isn’t as active as the news feed on Facebook, but people still check it out. LinkedIn users can subscribe to daily emails for summarized details. I share on LinkedIn at least several times each week if not more. I include my new blog posts, event announcements, etc.


Want publicity? There are lots of periodical editors and TV producers you can network with. Who knows maybe one will like your book and make it into a movie. :)

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When There’s Thunder…There’s Taryn Kincaid at KMN Books

ThunderTourAt KMN Books: Taryn Kincaid is a multi-published author or sensual romances. She writes for Decadent Publishing, Carina Press and The Wild Rose Press.  Here's a sneak peek at Book 2 in her 1Night Stand series: Thunder!   ***Giveaway***

1  Ebook copy of Lightning or Thunder by Taryn Kincaid + swag. (Ends Feb. 6th)
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Anne Patrick and her Wounded Heroes






At KMN Books Blogspot:

Anne Patrick is a multi-published author of 'romance, mayham and faith'. Her tale Kill Shot in the Wounded Heroes Series has been nominated as a finalist in the 2011 Grace Awards in Suspense/Mystery/Thriller/Romantic Suspense category.

Let's give Anne a warm welcome. Please feel free to leave a comment or ask questions.

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Babette James and her Sizzling Desert Romance

At KMN Books Blogspot: Welcome Babette James! Her sexy, emotional romance, CLEAR AS DAY is an upcoming release from The Wild Rose Press! Babette is here to give us the behind the scene story of her sizzling desert romance!

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At KMN Books: Vonnie Davis and the Men in Her Life!

Behind the Scenes with Vonnie Davis, author of Storm's Interlude.

Let's give Vonnie a warm welcome. Please feel free to leave a comment or a question. Vonnie loves to hear from the readers.


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A Sneak Peek into an Author’s Mind with Linda Swift and Her Journey into Publishing

"Every book has two stories -- the one created by the author and the one about how the book came to be."

Linda Swift is the guest author today at KMN Books with her journey into publishing her historical romance, Maid of the Midlands. Let's give her a warm welcome. 

Contest: Leave your comments at KMN Books Blogspot about a challenge you've had in "getting it right" and you'll have a chance to win a digital copy of Maid of Midlands.



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Sneak Peek into the Author’s Mind with Loretta C. Rogers

Loretta C. Rogers, an author at Wild Rose Press, takes us behind the scenes of her new release Forbidden Son. Please leave all comments and questions at:

KMN Books Blog

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Guest Author Cheryl Pierson Takes the Readers Behind the Scenes…

At KMN Books:

Cheryl Pierson is the Guest Author today with the behind the scenes of her new release Kane's Redemption.  Let's give her a warm welcome! ***Hint, hint: She loves to hear from readers!

Please leave all questions and comments at:


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Undercover Prince and the Secret Service Cinderella

At KMN Books: Sherry Gloag is joining us from England to share your romantic tale about an adventurous Prince and his unlikely Cinderella. Let's give her a warm welcome.

***Sherry is giving away an e-book copy of FROM NOW UNTIL FOREVER. So come on by and find out how you may be crowned the winner!


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Jennifer Jakes Takes to the High Seas!

Jennifer Jakes pens sensual and seductive historical romances that will sweep you back in time. She's here to tell us about her new release, Twice in a Lifetime. Come aboard mateys. Ther'd be pirates.  

***Pirate booty: One lucky winner will receive an e-book copy of TWICE in a LIFETIME. Drawing will take place on Sat Jan. 14th. at 12:00 pm PST.  Come by KMN Books and find out how to enter.

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