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Summer Fun Scavenger Hunt Starts Today! #amreading #amwriting @NightOwlReviews

Hi Readers,

I've got a treat for you. I'm one of the sponsors of the Night Owl Reviews SUMMER FUN Scavenger Hunt.

During this event I'm going to help you find some great new books. Make sure to check out my featured title, TWO WORLDS COLLIDED along the way.

The grand prize is a $100 Amazon Gift Card.

$900 in prizes and over 90 Winners!

Enter Now at:

Event Dates: July 19 - Aug 9


Aug 14th at 6pm PT / 9pm ET in our chat room

Duration: Around 1 hour

You don't need to come, but we would love to have you.

Night Owl Reviews Web Hunt

Are you curious what Two Worlds Collided is all about?

Evie Reid on a whim agrees to travel back in time to 1997 to change bad boy, rock star Bellamy Lovel's path of destruction. She's smart with a college degree, but she is still fan-girl crazy for the rock band, Civilized Heathens. Evie knows despite all Bellamy's smiles and enthusiasm on the stage, he's destined to end it all on one lonely night in a hotel room unless she can change his path.

Bellamy isn't keen on having Evie as his personal assistant, hired by his band mates to watch over him, and keep him on schedule. However, there is something about the woman that sparks his interest, despite his best to ignore her. When darkness threatens to consume him, he realizes she may be the only light that will chase the shadows away.


Inspiration for Two Worlds Collided:

My daughter and I watched 'INXS- Live at Wembley' on DVD. We were sad to think the lead singer had died so tragically and there would never be another song written or performed by him. The time travel tale about Bellamy Lovel took root, but I wanted a happier ending for my rock star and sent Evie back in time to try and save him.


Fun related:

Did you know that every chapter title is a title of a song from INXS? You can create a Two Worlds Collided playlist.

1. I'm Just a Man
2. Disappear
3. Body Language
4. Building Bridges
5. By My Side
6. What Would You Do
7. Heaven Sent
8. Elegantly Wasted
9. Taste It
10. Strange Desire
11. Hear that Sound
12. Burn for You
13. Biting Bullets
14. Kick
15. Who Pays the Price
16. Newsreel Babies
17. We Were Thrown Together
18. Need You Tonight
19. Beautiful Girl
20. Know the Difference
21. Back on Line
22. Not Enough Time
23. Everything
24. Never Tear Us Apart
25. Faith of Each Other
26. Old World New World
27. Time

Do you have a favorite INXS song? If not, what is your favorite rock n roll band?

I'm so glad you stop by today. Readers are what writers can never live without. The novel doesn't only belong to the writer; it also belongs to the reader as well. Without the reader the story is just ink on a paper and nothing more. Opening the book, reading those first words, this is where the true magic begins. I love readers! Thank you so much for loving books.

Happy Reading!


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Black Friday #TreatYourself w/ @BookCelebration book extravaganza on #BlackFriday weekend. #mystery #romance #fantasy

Today, I am one of several authors joining together for the Black Friday -- Treat Yourself -- book extravaganza.
The motto this year is #TreatYourself. There are many different authors from several different genres -- romance, mystery, fantasy. Discover something new.
Head on over to Celebrate with a Book at!

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Halloween Bash 2016! #$40Amazongiftcard #eBooks #Halloween @KMNbooks

Halloween pumpkins in the forest

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Do you have a story to tell? @RebeccaJVickery @KMNbooks @JudgeYourBook #stories #author

VICTORY TALES PRESS is always looking for well-written, engaging tales from all genres.

We release four anthologies per year. Be My Everything, Valentine Collection was our first anthology published for 2016.

Tales wanted for our next anthologies…

Summer themed stories (Title to be announced): The deadline for submissions is May 20th.

Halloween/Fall stories (Title to be announced): The deadline for submissions is Aug. 20th.

Christmas/New Years stories (Title to be announced): The deadline for submissions is Oct. 20th.

The short stories may be any genre as long as there is a romance. The romance doesn't have to be the main focus. The stories may have a western, fantasy, history, time travel or even adventure theme to them. They can be eerie tales and capers, too.

What are we looking for?

  1. A themed romance that fits one of the anthologies listed above.
  2. The romance must be male/female, sweet to sensual romance. Please, no erotica or anything explicit in nature.
  3. Word count between 5000-20,000 words.

When do we need the stories? Now until the deadline listed above for the anthology you wish to participate in. The sooner you can email your submission the better.

***Please note that we will do some light editing only.

Please send submissions to kmnbooks @ yahoo . com (no spaces).

In the subject line place: 2016 (and the theme name of the anthology you wish for your story to be featured in.)

I can't wait to read your tales! Any questions, please don't hesitate to email me.

Happy writing!


VTP Anthology Coordinator

Victory Tales Press

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Accepting Submissions @RebeccaJVickery @KMNbooks #authors

Coming Soon to Victory Tales Press

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Valentine Collection (Title to be announced)

Accepting Submissions now for the 2016 Valentine Collection

VICTORY TALES PRESS is looking for Romantic tales for our
2016 Valentine Collection! This collection will be available in
eBook, print, and possibly audible.

February is the month of love and romance. VTP is looking for tales about the true meaning of love; stories where love warms the heart; or short stories where cupid plays a part in bringing soul mates together.

The short stories can be any genre as long as there is a romance and a mention of Valentine's Day. (The romance doesn't have to be the main focus, but there must be a love interest in the story.)

The stories may have a western, fantasy, historical, mystery, contemporary, time travel or even adventure theme.

What are we looking for? 
1. Any Valentine's Day themed story with a sweet to sensual romance.
(This means nothing explicit)
2. Must be a m/f romance (please no erotic or erotica).
3. Word count between 7,000-20,000.
**Please, don't send us your story if these guidelines aren't met.  
When do we need the stories?
Now until Jan. 20, 2016. The sooner you can email your submission
the better. We will do some light editing only, but we will need
time to read through all submissions. 
Please send submissions to kmnbooks @ yahoo . com (no spaces).
Please put 2016 Valentine's Day Collection in the SUBJECT LINE. 
I can't wait to read your tales! Any questions, please don't
hesitate to email me.
Karen Michelle Nutt
VTP Anthology Coordinator
Our newest release for your reading pleasure...
Available NOW!
Ebook and Print

Smashword    Kindle    Nook

Amazon Print   B&N Print

Six complete sweet to sensual romances from six multi-talented authors in settings that are sure to warm your heart. There's a story for everyone. Let magic of the holiday season take you away where romance awaits.
Included in this Romance Collection:

A Time to Give by Linda Swift
The small roadside restaurant where Ellen works is busy with travelers on Christmas Eve. She is counting on a bonus and tips to help pay for her boyfriend's special gift. Bruce needs a typewriter for college class work and Ellen has saved for months to surprise him. A mother and two children stop in while their car is repaired next door. Ellen learns they have a long drive ahead in a worsening snowstorm with little money and no gifts for the little ones. If Ellen helps them, she can't afford the gift for Bruce. Christmas is a time to give, but how can she choose who has the greater need?

A Christmas Wedding by Celia Yeary
Kailey Lovelace, maid of honor in her brother's Christmas wedding, hopes the best man Alex Dunn won't bolt when he sees she is six feet tall and has frizzy blond hair. At the airport, she almost loses her breath when she learns he's even taller and looks like a dream. If only he likes her enough for the week of the wedding to go smoothly.

Alex Dunn, recently discharged from the Army, can't believe his good luck when he meets his partner for the wedding. Kailey is just the right height and gorgeous, as well. He looks forward to a pleasant week in Texas. What could possibly go wrong?

One Foggy Christmas by Barbara Miller
Lady Jane Faraday is conflicted about traveling to Summerhill for the Christmas holiday since the heir to the estate, and the man who was supposed to marry her, has died. But she has other worries than her guilt over not marrying Henry St. Giles. Stephen, the younger son and the one she loves, is still fighting the war in the Peninsula. If only he had written to her she would know where she stands with his affections. She'd wait for him if he'd say the word, but she isn't sure he's still alive.

Stephen St. Giles receives leave to return home since his beloved brother Henry is dead and the war is nearly over, but what of Jane? She has answered none of his letters. Is she now his brother's widow or did she wed someone else? And why has he heard nothing from his mother? As he trudges the last miles toward home through the fog, he feels as confused and uncertain as his misty surroundings.

Jack and the Christmas Journey by Teresa K. Cypher
Tildie Janson lost her husband, Harp, three years ago, and the only joy in her life is Jack, her husband's dog. Without him she'd be lost. With Christmas around the corner, her friends step in to help her move on by badgering her into taking steps toward celebrating the holiday. They mean well, but she wishes they'd leave her alone. On one of their planned outings, a chance encounter, with a man from her past, forces her to face life again, but the prospect scares her and she retreats. She can't let go. However, Fate-or maybe a touch of Christmas magic sends Jack on a journey that changes everything.

Return Engagement by M. C. Scout
Tanner Armitage has been overseas for nearly a year serving his country and can’t wait to come home to surprise the love of his life.

An Army brat, Brynn Josephs looks forward to when he gets leave to come home though she’s sure it won’t be this year.

Christmas is in the air but can he successfully pull off a return engagement?

Third Time's the Charm by Gerald Costlow
4th in the Modern Day Sherritt Witch series.
Trudy Macalester is a young, single schoolteacher living with her newly remarried father. She discovers her new stepmother is a witch when she stumbles upon a book of spells. When Trudy reads from the book, she accidentally summons a charming rogue bent on seduction; a man nobody but she can see or hear.

Amazon Print       B&N Print

Five complete sweet to sensual romances from five multi-talented authors in settings that are sure to warm the heart. There's a story for everyone from historical to contemporary. Let the magic of myths and legends sweep you away to where dreams of midnight kisses spark an unforgettable romance.

Five complete sweet to sensual romances from five multi-talented authors in settings that are sure to fill those hot summer nights with romance. There's a tale for everyone. Fans of contemporary stories will enjoy a small town romance, a hot summer suspense, and a tale of second chances. Historical and paranormal fans will be delighted too with a post-civil war story of forgiveness, and a pre-civil war tale with a western show, secrets, and a whole lot of magic.

Four complete sweet to sensual romances from four multi-talented authors in settings that are sure to warm your heart. There's a story for everyone. Let magic and myths come alive, be swept away by the historical past, enjoy a charming contemporary setting, and be lured into the paranormal world. Love awaits...

Smashwords     Kindle     Nook

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Be sure to take advantage of our FREE Recipes
offered in Christmas Dessert Decadence
For Your Free Download:Click Here

Cover for 'Authors in the Kitchen'
{includes 57 recipes}
Free ebook available at various online book retailers, 99 cents at Amazon. For Free Download click here: Smashwords

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Trick or Treat at the Authors’ Bash @KMNbooks @RebeccaJVickery

Halloween pumpkins in the forestThe big Trick or Treat at the Authors' Bash starts tomorrow! Stop by and meet the authors. Ask questions, read the excerpts, play the author's games and win prizes. So much fun!! To be entered to win the Grand Prize of a $60 Amazon Gift Card, all you have to do is comment on one or all the authors' posts and you're entered to win. Hint: Each comment you make is worth a entry.

In the Mood for some more partying? Stop by Must Love Breeches Anniversary Party! I'll be giving away an eBook copy of one my Time Travel Tales. Winner's choice.

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Trick or Treat at the Authors’ Bash @KMNbooks

 Trick or Treaters stop by on Oct. 26, 2015. Meet the authors and stick around for the party and you'll have a chance to win some treats.
Starts at 8 am PDT.
Karen Michelle Nutt's photo.
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December Sale at PbRJV!


Publishing by Rebecca J. Vickery

*** 10 Novels/Novellas for the special price of 99 cents each ***

Sale dates: December 1 – 31, 2014

Reckless Destiny by Madeline Baker

Let Nothing You Dismay by Linda Swift

Frankie by Molly Dillon

Loving Luc by Vicki Crum

Seeking Shelter by Rebecca J. Vickery

The Devil's Wolf by Karen Michelle Nutt

A Court Lady by Clova Leighton

Chances Are by Laura Shinn

A Matter of Tea and Other Stories by Charles T. Whipple

The King's Daughter by Miriam Newman

Price good for ebook versions at most online book retailers.
[Dates may vary at some retailers.] * * * *

Please watch for future sales.

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Fright, Frolicking, and Fun! @KMNbooks #Halloween #books

Here's the line up!
When: Monday, October 27, 2014
Meet the Authors, Books, 28 Contests, and 28 chances to win a Prizes!
Time: 8:00 AM PDT to 10:00 PM PDT
Time zone conversion
08:00 AM Karen Michelle Nutt
08:30 AM Lorrie Farrelly
09:00 AM Kristy McCaffrey
09:30 AM Vicki Crum
10:00 AM Kelley Heckart
10:30 AM AJ Nuest
11:00 AM Sarah Grimm
11:30 AM Denise Moncrief
12:00 pm Dani Harper
12:30 pm C. Shell Romance Author
01:00 pm Sarah McNeal
01:30 pm Cheryl Pierson
02:00 pm Kirsten Lynn
02:30 pm Donna Augustine
03:00 pm Linda Mooney
03:30 pm Cherley Grogg
04:00 pm Shayna Matthews
04:30 pm Railyn Stone
05:00 pm Linda Broday
05:30 pm Maureen Bonatch
06:00 pm Cecilia Corona
06:30 pm Kathleen Rice Adams
07:00 pm Barb Betts
07:30pm C.M. Bowen, Author
08:00 pm Kaye Spencer
08:30 pm Jacquie Rogers
09:00 pm Michelle Zunker Ziegler
09:30 pm Racquel Kechagias

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HALLOWEEN FLASH FICTION BASH! #giveaways #books #flashfictionbash #free @KMNbooks

HalloweenFlashFictionBash_mediumCenturies before The Wolfman and Bram Stoker’s Dracula became Halloween favorites, the ancient Greeks and Romans loved tell scary stories about monsters, ghosts and the afterlife.

I’d like to carry on the storytelling tradition at KMN Books Blogspot with the Halloween FLASH FICTION BASH!

 OCT. 1 to Oct. 31. Thirty one days of FREE stories form 31 authors!

Some of the authors are also giving away extra goodies, and at midnight on Oct. 31st there will be a grand prize drawing. 3 GRAND PRIZES FOR 3 LUCKY WINNERS!

Don't be late and bring a friend! We promise we won't bite... unless asked. :)    Send article as PDF   
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Thanks so much for voting for Two Worlds Collided!




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