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Fright, Frolicking, and Fun! @KMNbooks #Halloween #books

Here's the line up!
When: Monday, October 27, 2014
Meet the Authors, Books, 28 Contests, and 28 chances to win a Prizes!
Time: 8:00 AM PDT to 10:00 PM PDT
Time zone conversion
08:00 AM Karen Michelle Nutt
08:30 AM Lorrie Farrelly
09:00 AM Kristy McCaffrey
09:30 AM Vicki Crum
10:00 AM Kelley Heckart
10:30 AM AJ Nuest
11:00 AM Sarah Grimm
11:30 AM Denise Moncrief
12:00 pm Dani Harper
12:30 pm C. Shell Romance Author
01:00 pm Sarah McNeal
01:30 pm Cheryl Pierson
02:00 pm Kirsten Lynn
02:30 pm Donna Augustine
03:00 pm Linda Mooney
03:30 pm Cherley Grogg
04:00 pm Shayna Matthews
04:30 pm Railyn Stone
05:00 pm Linda Broday
05:30 pm Maureen Bonatch
06:00 pm Cecilia Corona
06:30 pm Kathleen Rice Adams
07:00 pm Barb Betts
07:30pm C.M. Bowen, Author
08:00 pm Kaye Spencer
08:30 pm Jacquie Rogers
09:00 pm Michelle Zunker Ziegler
09:30 pm Racquel Kechagias

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HALLOWEEN FLASH FICTION BASH! #giveaways #books #flashfictionbash #free @KMNbooks

HalloweenFlashFictionBash_mediumCenturies before The Wolfman and Bram Stoker’s Dracula became Halloween favorites, the ancient Greeks and Romans loved tell scary stories about monsters, ghosts and the afterlife.

I’d like to carry on the storytelling tradition at KMN Books Blogspot with the Halloween FLASH FICTION BASH!

 OCT. 1 to Oct. 31. Thirty one days of FREE stories form 31 authors!

Some of the authors are also giving away extra goodies, and at midnight on Oct. 31st there will be a grand prize drawing. 3 GRAND PRIZES FOR 3 LUCKY WINNERS!

Don't be late and bring a friend! We promise we won't bite... unless asked. :)


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Halloween Flash Fiction Bash


Halloween Flash Fiction Bash at KMN Books!

For the month of October, I'm looking for Flash Fiction Tales to celebrate Halloween. Let your creative minds take flight! All post must be 50 to 1000 words with a beginning, middle and end to your tale. (No erotica please. Keep it PG13 :)).

Along with your Flash Fiction Tale, you may promote one of your latest releases or dig up an oldie but goodie. :) Giveaways for this event would be fabulous, too!

What do you need to send me?
1. Flash Fiction post
2. Jpg. of your book and blurb
3. Author bio, and photo(optional)
4. Link to your website and link to order your book

Don't have an idea for a tale?
Here's some Flash Fiction ideas:

1. Vampire theme: Vampirism is spread by infected sand fleas, making surfing and partying at the beach a very dangerous lifestyle.

2. Zombie theme: A woman gives up her baby for adoption. Years later, her child sets off in search of his/her birth mother. Unfortunately, he’s been dead for six months…

3. Werewolf theme:A werewolf is mistaken for a dog and accidentally sold at a pet store.

4. Loch Ness Monster: A pet store in Scotland sells adorable lizards. Months later, shocked parents discover that their children’s pets are growing… and growing…

5. Creatures: A woman steals a valuable painting, but she is soon confronted by the night watchman who happens to be a gargoyle.

6. The latest diet craze: Kidnapping skinny people and switch your brain with theirs.

7. A psychic medium captures spirits with her mind, and traps them inside a Mason jars. She decides collecting ghosts a selling them is both profitable and fun until...

If you'd like to participate, please contact me to reserve your day!
Contact me at: kmnbooks (at) yahoo (dot) com
Subject line: Halloween Flash Fiction Bash

Chat soon,
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What’s Happening at KMN Books?

Here's the line up. Remember the direct links to each author's post will not work until the day the post goes live! Here's the general link to KMN Books:
Dec. 15 Dianne Harstock- Giveaway: PDF copy from her backlist
Dec. 16 Cheryl Pierson-Contest: Digital Copy of A Hero for Christmas
Dec. 17 Celia Yeary-  "Gifting" 3 copies of A Christmas Wedding (Nook, Kindle or PDF)
Dec. 18 Dawn Luedeke- contest
Dec. 19 Liz Flaherty- Contest to win a Tea cup, saucer and tea!
Dec. 20 Susan Macatee- giveaway-PDF book and $10 Gift Certificate
Dec. 21 Gerald Costlow- contest.
Dec. 22 to Jan. 2nd Closed. Have a safe and happy holiday! Come by in 2013 for more fun!
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What’s Happening at KMN Books!

Last Day!! Dec. 7th- Dec.13th Christmas Wishes Bloghop (Giveaway 3Ebook Pack. Also a Free Ebook for everyone!)
Dec. 10 Sandra Dailey- Yule and Plum Pudding recipe for all.
Dec. 11 Sharon Kleve- Free Recipee Book for all!
Dec. 12 A Tribute to a special lady, SHARON DONOVAN- giveaway: Her last book written: Kiss of Death (Red Christmas Series)
Dec. 14 Stephaine Burkhart
Dec. 15 Dianne Harstock- Giveaway: PDF copy from her backlist
Dec. 16 Cheryl Pierson-giveaway
Dec. 17 Celia Yeary
Dec. 18 Dawn Luedeke
Dec. 19 Liz Flaherty
Dec. 20 Susan Macatee- giveaway-PDF book and $10 Gift Certificate
Dec. 21 Gerald Costlow
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At KMN Books: Mystical Press

So you want to be an author. Mystical Press is here to help you reach your goal. Authors don't be shy either, Mystical Press offers a variety of online classes and so much more. Stop by KMN Books Blogspot and chat with Arial and A.J.. Don't miss their special offers!

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Huge Spring Sale!

News from my publisher: HUGE Spring Sale - Discounted Titles

These titles NOW available at discounted prices.  

No coupon or code necessary for a limited time.
Links to Smashwords and Amazon are included, 
but they are available at most online retailers. 
Western Trail Blazer
Santa Fe mi casa by Harlan Hague (temporarily reduced from $3.99) 99 Cents

Big Enough by Chuck Tyrell $2.99

Hard Trail to Socorro by Wayne Dundee $2.99
Then Why Not Everyman? by Kit Prate $2.99
Time Plains Drifter by Cheryl Pierson (temporarily reduced from $3.99) $2.99
Harmonica Joe's Reluctant Bride by Sarah J. McNeal (temporarily reduced from $3.99) $2.99
Bad Wind Blowing by Peter Brandvold (temporarily reduced from $4.99) $2.99
 Publishing by Rebecca J. Vickery
To Kill My Love by Lee Baldwin (temporarily reduced from $4.99) $2.99

First Love, Lost Love by Jory Sherman (temporarily reduced from $2.99) $1.99
The Violin by Sarah J. McNeal $2.99
The Grand Experiment by John Duncklee $2.99

The Trials of Lawyer Pratt by Bert Goolsby (reduced from $3.99) $2.99
Eli: Warriors for the Light by Karen Michelle Nutt (reduced from $3.99) $2.99 
Seeking Shelter by Rebecca J. Vickery (reduced from $3.99) $2.99
Please continue to check out all the Dime Novels and 99 Cent Gallery offerings from our talented authors.
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You’re Invited to Join Us at Love Romance Cafe

Title: Love Romances Chat - All authors from Rebecca J. Vickery Publishing, Western Trail Blazers and Victory Tales Press
Date: Thursday March 8, 2012
Time: All Day

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Amazing Authors Event

Find a new author, a great read…and win stuff.  From January 12 through January 24, thirteen powerhouse authors have teamed up for the Amazing Authors Event. Here’s the lineup:

Jan. 12.  Caroline Clemmons (historical & contemporary genre fiction)

Jan. 13. Beth Trissel (historical & light paranormal romance)

Jan. 14. Roseanne Dowell (romance)

Jan. 15.  Cathie Dunn (historical fiction & romantic adventure)

Jan. 16. Maggie Toussaint (romance & mystery with a Southern dash)

Jan. 17. Patsy Parker (paranormal fantasy romance)

Jan. 18. S.G. Rogers (fantasy, romantic fantasy, young adult fantasy)

Jan. 19. Linda LaRoque (western contemporary & time travel romance)

Jan. 20 Jacquie Rogers, (dragons, princesses & romance)

Jan. 21. Karen Nutt (paranormal romance)

Jan. 22. Anna Kathryn Lanier (sensual contemporary & historical westerns)

Jan. 23. Barbara Edwards (riveting romance with an edge)

Jan. 24. Ginger Simpson (historical & contemporary romance)

On the last day of the tour, Ginger Simpson is going to post some fun and easy questions you must answer for the chance to win free reads. (Hint: there will be a link to each author’s post so you can quickly double check).

Please join us!  We’re looking forward to meeting you.

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Come by and Chat With Victory Tales Press Authors!

Victory Tales Press, Western Trail Blazers and Rebecca J. Vickery Publishing will be chatting at:

July 14, 2011- Victory Tales Press at Love Romance Cafe Yahoo Group

Find out what's new. We'd love to have you!

Romance, Historical, Suspense, Mystery, Adventure, Action, Horror, and all the varieties of Western reading you could wish for will be presented by Western Trail Blazer authors.


We are a select group of authors joining together for the purpose of publishing romance based anthologies. Our readers will always find a M/F couple, interesting situations, and if not a happy-ever-after, at least a happy-for-now somewhere in the tale.


The publishing company's work is especially designed for those who love to kick back at the end of a hard day and escape from their problems and worries for a while with a great read.

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Recommended Reads!
Recommended Read

Eli: Warriors for the Light, Book 1 Lucca: Warriors for the Light, Book, 2 Wanted
Top Pick!
Eli :Warriors for the Light and Storm Riders Received: