Christmas in July: Ice-Skating, 99cent Books, and Freebies! @KMNbooks @rebeccajvickery @WildRosePress #FreeReads

Ice-skating has become a holiday tradition, too. We can date ice-skating back to 3000 B.C. Leg bones from large animals were used as the blades and skates were tied on with leather straps. The Dutch word for skate is ‘schenkel’ which means leg bone. The oldest pair of ice skates was found at the bottom of lake in Switzerland.

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Yule Log and Viking Ritual @rebeccajvickery #FreeReads @KMNbooks

The Yule Log was once an ancient sun worship ritual. The Vikings burned the log in honor of their god Thor. The Druids selected a large tree bearing fruit or an oak tree. They would bless the log and light the piece with a scrap from the last year’s Yule Log to symbolize the log was ‘ever-burning’. The Druids believed this ritual would promote bountiful crops, provide light and warmth for the dead and cleanse the fire by burning up all the evil of the past year.

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The Art of Decorating A Christmas Tree

I’m at Happily Ever After for our Christmas in July Celebration. Do you like homemade ornaments or store bought. Find out where decorating Christmas trees all began. Every comment gives you a chance to win! Happily Ever After Blog Check out what’s been going on at Victory Tales Press, Western Trail Blazers and Rebecca J. Vickery Publishing! There’s discounts, coupons, free books and so much more!    Send article as PDF   

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Join us for Christmas in July Event!

Please join us as we spread some Christmas cheer in July.
There is a list of participating sites, blogs, and authors at my blog along with discounts. All commenters will be entered in a variety of drawings.

Every visitor receives a free dessert recipe ebook.
Scroll to the end of the article and click on Christmas Dessert Decadence.
Thank you for your support.

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Freedom to Read Sale!!

Our Freedom to Read Sale begins July 1 and ends July 31.

Here are the links for the Freedom to Read Sale pages where the sale titles, discounts, and coupons for free reads can be found:

Also visit and leave a comment and contact info. Random drawings will be held throughout the month for free reads and prizes.

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