HALLOWEEN FLASH FICTION BASH! #giveaways #books #flashfictionbash #free @KMNbooks

Centuries before The Wolfman and Bram Stoker’s Dracula became Halloween favorites, the ancient Greeks and Romans loved tell scary stories about monsters, ghosts and the afterlife.

I’d like to carry on the storytelling tradition at KMN Books Blogspot with the Halloween FLASH FICTION BASH!

OCT. 1 to Oct. 31. Thirty one days of FREE stories form 31 authors!

Some of the authors are also giving away extra goodies, and at midnight on Oct. 31st there will be a grand prize drawing. 3 GRAND PRIZES FOR 3 LUCKY WINNERS!

Don’t be late and bring a friend! We promise we won’t bite… unless asked. 🙂

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D is for Darn Delightful Dog Facts

It is the fourth day of the A to Z Challenge. Join in and hop to the different blogs. meet new people, expand your knowledge, but most of all have fun!
You know I’m a cat lover, but I’m also fond of dogs, too. Jack, my Chorkie (which is a Chihuahua and Yorkshire terrier mix), sits with me while write my otherworldly tales. So below is a list of Dog Facts you were dying to know. lol

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Play the Whopper of a Story or Not Game

Leave your comments at KMN Books Blogspot A Whopper of a Story or Not? Thanks to Rebecca Vickery of https://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/rebeccajvickery for passing this award along to me. Here are the rules: I tell either six truths and one lie, or six lies and one truth about myself, and you get to figure out which is which. Please leave a fun or silly comment. Everyone so far has offered a prize, so here is my gift to the winner. Every correct comment will be dropped into my hat and the winner will be drawn by my daughter, Katrina on Sat, May …

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