Still standing…for now. Rodeo Blues @KMNbooks @RebeccaJVickery #8sunday #snippetsunday

Sam, the old man who greets those going into Big Bob’s Saloon, and Tye are catching up on what old friends have been up to. Sam told Tye that Jolie was married with six kids. Took Tye a few seconds but once Sam chuckled, he realized his panic was for nothing. Sam was only teasing him. This takes place a few paragraphs later from last week.

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A Storm’s a Brewin’… Rodeo Blues @KMNbooks @RebeccaJVickery #SPeekSunday #8sunday #snippetsunday

Meet Jolie and Whisper… (We’re skipping ahead to the end of the chapter.)

Jolie has just opened up her shop, Trinkets Galore. Whisper is a psychic and good friend of Jolie’s, and she wants Jolie to have some fun. Skeeter Blue’s annual Cowboy’s Christmas in July is starting, and all those rodeo cowboys will be gathering at Big Bob’s Saloon tonight. Whisper is trying to convince Jolie to join her there. She believes Jolie might even find the man of her dreams… Whisper is speaking first.

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